University | Collective agreement – What is it really? In November, we answer to the question in an open webinar for everyone working at the university

14.11.2023 14:00

The collective agreement guarantees you benefits that are better than the law. Do you want know more? Yes, you need to know more! You are warmly invited to our webinar Thursday, November 30th.

Collective agreements are often discussed, but what are they really? How do they affect your work life?

You are warmly invited to our webinar, where we will explain what a collective agreement is and why they are needed. The event is especially meant for university employees, but everyone is welcome to join.

Date | Thursday, November 30th | Time | 16.15–17.30.

Location | You can join from this link. No separate pre-registration required. | The event will be held as a Teams Event, where there is an option to participate anonymously. Questions can be asked through the chat, and you can decide whether other participants see your name with the question. The event will not be recorded.

Language | English. A Finnish webinar with the same content will be held on November 29th.

We will go through the basics of collective agreements, such as

  • salary
  • working hours
  • holidays, sick leave
  • notice period and other benefits.

We will also discuss the parties involved in the collective agreement, the negotiation process, and the difference between a normally binding and a generally binding collective agreement.

Quick link to collective agreement information |

In Finnish | Yliopisto | Työehtosopimus – Mikä se oikeastaan on? Marraskuussa kysymykseen vastaus kaikille yliopistolaisille avoimessa webinaarissa | 14.11.2023

What is JUKO?

  • We represent 35 trade unions in Akava in public sector labor market negotiations. Total of 200,000 members.
  • Municipalities, welfare areas, the state, universities, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, as well as in Avainta industries, the National Gallery and the Institute of Occupational Health.
  • At workplaces, our 3,500 shop stewards represent the members of all JUKO unions.